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MyRocks Storage Engine for MySQL

User_G3733Nov 9 2018 — edited Nov 12 2018

Hi All,

We are currently doing some R&D on MyRocks storage engine (wiki: ) and evaluating this storage engine over Innodb. It would be helpful if you can provide your expert advisory on below questions relating to MyRocks Storage Engine for MySQL.

- What versions of Oracle MySQL support with MyRocks Storage Engine i.e. 5.6,5.7, 8.0?

- Do Oracle MySQL provide technical support for MyRocks Storage Engine (on all or any specific MySQL version)?

- Do we have all MySQL Enterprise Features available with MyRocks Storage Engine as we have with Innodb.

- Do we have all MySQL enterprise edition encryption/decryption features (TDE, Innodb tablespace, column-level, a/symmetric key based etc.) available with MyRocks storage engine as well? ... as we have with Innodb storage engine.

- Does MyRocks Storage Engine support Master-Master replication and HA/Clustering feature?


This post has been answered by Dave Stokes-MySQL Community Team-Oracle on Nov 12 2018
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Added on Nov 9 2018