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My Domain Expired! Help! What Do I Do?

A domain registration goes through a few stages after it expires, which vary depending on the TLD..

  1. Renewal-Grace Period: For the first 30 days after a domain has expired, you may simply renew the domain registration as normal. Note: not all TLD’s have a Grace Period, instead they go right to the Redemption Period upon expiration.
  2. Redemption Period: After Renewal-Grace, an expired domain enters Redemption for up to 40 days. In this state, you may still renew the domain; however the registry charges a substantial fee for domain redemption equal to ten (10) times the standard renewal fee (example: a renewal fee of $15.00 USD equals a redemption fee of $150.00 USD). If your domain is in Redemption and you still wish to renew it, please contact Support.
  3. Pending Delete: After Redemption, a domain enters Pending Delete for up to seven days. At the end of Pending Delete, the domain registration is completely removed from the registry and may be created again as a brand new domain name. Domains in Pending Delete cannot be recovered.

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Added on Feb 5 2019