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Multiple users on one emcli installation? 2nd user gets "The command "xxxx" is not a recognized com

JRJMar 12 2020 — edited Mar 12 2020

Hello all,

We are using 13.3c emcli for a few tasks, blackouts, incident rules, etc.  We have installed on a Windows 2016 server, that multiple team members use for various tasks.  We are unable to install emcli on our own machines.

It's a great tool, but I've noticed that only one person can be using it on the server at a time.  ie, I'm logged in, a coworker logs in, but gets this error when trying to run an emcli command:

"Error:  The command "get_blackouts" is not a recognized command."

The work around is for the coworker to run emcli sync separately, which gives him control.  Then I get the error.

Does anyone know if it's possible to configure emcli so that multiple users can run commands on one installation of it?



PS - Separate installations of emcli per user would work, but that's a bit wonky.

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Added on Mar 12 2020