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Multiple Rows appearing on af:table even though filters are in place

2664912Sep 2 2015 — edited Sep 2 2015

Hi ,

I have got a af:table on my page. The af:table displays a VO attributeĀ  whose attributes are derived from join query on two tables plus some transient attribute on the same VO. Now there is a button above the table which upon click triggers an action which always inserts 5 rows on both the table on which VO query is based and then displays a confirmation popup. I am not showing those 5 rows on the af:table but the requirement is that I have to pick a specific row for which I have proper where clause in the VO query.

The partialTriggers on the af:table is popup's OK button ID. So when dismissed the pop up I see a new row in the table. (Remember I inserted 5 rows but with where clause I am filtering out the correct row.)

Now the problem is till the time confirmation pop is on the screen I see the newly created 5 rows in the adf:table in popup background but as soon as I dismiss the pop up I see only the filtered row as per the where clause in the VO query.

The way I see is that untill popup's OK button is clicked partialTrigger is not invoked but in the background it should not show 5 newly created rows since I have where clause at query level.

Could anyone explain me this behavior and suggest a remedy for this.

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