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Multiple read-only forms using the same page item

MrE-OracleJul 29 2021

I have a page that shows the details of an object, referenced by its ID.
I haven't found a better way to show data in read only format than to use a FORM region and initializing the form with a page item for the ID which is passed to the page.
(If there is another way that's simple, I'd love to hear)
The form technique works well when there is only 1 form and the page item is the key to the table, but I have multiple of these read-only forms on my page, as I reference multipel pieces of data from different tables. They all refer to the object with the same key (page item), but I can't have multiple page_items with the same name so I had to alias the key in the query so it has a different name in the form.
When creating a single form, the initialize form process is also created automatically, and that works well for a single form, however after I alias my key to get a different page Item name in each form, the init does not work and my data does not show.
I had to create a second identical init process for the same form region for this to work (i.e. initialize the form twice)
I am passing the ID page Item to the query for the form.
Not sure if this is a bug or how to make this work with one init process only.
Is there a simpler way to show multiple pieces of data from different tables into read-only / display regions, without going to the custom HTML type display?

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Added on Jul 29 2021