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Moving popup window to second monitor in 9I/10G

539222Apr 7 2007
I had a popup window set as a dialog window and modal property set to "No" using forms 6I. When the user pressed a button to execute the pop up window, they could move the popup window to a second monitor if they had their screen setting set up to allow a second monitor.

Now we have upgraded to Forms 10G. The same window cannot move out of the browser window to go to the second monitor. Is there something I can do to allow this popup to move out of this browser to go to a second monitor? Can I change the window to something else(another form?) to allow this to happen? My biggest problem is the user had the ability to update something on the primary window and the results would show on this popup window. If I can create a window that can go outside of the browser, I would like to talk to it to update the data on it if I see something has changed on the primary screen.
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Added on Apr 7 2007