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Moving 1TB Oracle 9i Database on Solaris to Oracle 12c on Linux

User_GU1HHSep 16 2019 — edited Sep 17 2019

We will be modernizing an Oracle 9i Database on Solaris to a supported version of Oracle on Linux. We already have successfully done Dev modernization using exp/imp, but now with Production being over 1TB in size, we are looking for advice on the best method to complete this migration with the least amount of downtime and room for error. We know we cant use RMAN because we are going from Solaris to Linux, and we cant use Data Pump because we are currently on Oracle 9. We could use EXP/IMP, but I am worried about time and risk of error when using exp/imp on a 1TB + Database in size. Do you have any recommendations on how we can proceed with our modernization?

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Added on Sep 16 2019
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