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Mouse Dragging slow on X Terminal (SunRay)

843807Nov 20 2002 — edited Nov 22 2002

We're getting some curious behaviour with mouse drag events when running our java client app on an X Terminal (a SunRay 1 in this case).

It seems that events are not delivered to the client while the drag is in progress but only after the user stops moving the mouse for about a second. Needless to say, this is very annoying and kinda kills the interactivity in our app.

This delay seems to get worse the faster you move the mouse.

It's not just our app, either. All java apps we've tried do the same thing.

The delay gets smaller if you go all the way back to JVM 1.2, but all newer versions have the problem.

Sooooooo, what I'd like to know is:

- is this a known problem with SunRays?
- is there any configuration option in Java or the X Server I can tweak to improve performance?


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Added on Nov 20 2002
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