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More options for code formatter, double line breaks and type declarations

YevonJan 17 2024 — edited Jan 17 2024

Code formatter is very nice, but it miss some options like this ones, and maybe others. Are there any future improvements to this tool on the way?

  • Line break configuration between type declarations, or variables or similar declarations.
  • Allow to specify double break to all categories, not only “After statements”, for example "before line comments".
  • Be able to add a line break after the very last function declaration and the end of the package declaration
  • Line breaks after if, while, for blocks.
  • Line breaks after or before function or procedure calls.

Current behaviour:

Desired (I think that I cannot achieve this with current settings):



Is this a custom tool? Or it uses some libs to perform the code formatting? As if it standard it would be nice just be able to directly edit the formatter config in addition to the provided GUI.

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Added on Jan 17 2024
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