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Modifying SQL_IDs

PS_orclNerdOct 21 2016

I would be nice to have a syntax like:

alter system purge sql_id 'sjasjh3hdsjdj' child_number 1 ;


alter system modify sql_id 'sjasjh3hdsjdj' child_number 1 replace step 3 with hash_join [ parse | compare 'sql_id,child_no' ];

now if you want to purge an sql you have to find it's address and hash value and you purge the all cursors or modifying the cursor and directly publishing it in a new cursor with precomputed statistics and then use a "switch to" clause for a child to another child or something like that.. oracle already implemented this to adaptive plans, but it would be nice to have some power over the execution plans in a simple syntax, not by baselines or other possibilities..

What do you think about this idea?

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Added on Oct 21 2016