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modifying region attributes....

Richard LeggeMay 12 2014 — edited May 12 2014

Hi all, this mornings question.. please let it be a nice simple answer...

Im using APEX 4.2, and have switch to theme 15. simple blue.

Ive got a menu list on the left hand side. so it needs to sit in region 2. its designated as a sidebar region.   I'm trying to use the sidebar template so that I get a menu header and a border... However region 2 on this theme has a blue background... and also has a header and footer area / image.

So my sidebar region looks odd inside it.

From my research, I should be able to override the region template to remove this header / footer / background colour and associated attributes, leaving me with a nice sidebar menu... Ive don lots of research, and think I should be referencing the region class in the definition of my menu??? but dont seem to be able to get it right..

Please could somebody help

many thanks


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Added on May 12 2014