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Missing Dyn Updater for Mac icon

User_68KOHMay 4 2020 — edited May 5 2020

I looked again, today, after restarting my computer and noticed that the icon is back. That is not the first time I restarted my computer, so please - a bit of slack. All seems to be working again - even two icons in Activity Monitor. Perhaps it was a re-restart.


I recently noticed that the Dyn Updater icon no longer appears in my Menu bar, so I now have no access to your updater application. I'm unable to turn off/on websites I create, or control Dyn Updater in any manner unless a workaround exists. When I launch Dyn Updater no menu items appear, it's only able to be configured by the icon that formerly appeared in the Menu bar.

I use Dyn Updater version 5.5.0 for Mac, and d/l a new copy to replace an existing application I thought might be broken. The new application doesn't appear in the Menu bar either.

When I launch Dyn Updater the activity appears in Activity Monitor application, but only once. It used to appear twice, though I have no idea why. I mention this only because that's how it used to be.

I have a Mac-mini Server, OS 10.12.6, 16GB RAM.

I'm seriously not interested in upgrading to another OS as the Server software for the newer OSes is QUITE different from the version I now use. I'm not terribly tech savvy and don't intend to learn about Apache and how to configure it. This version of Server application for Mac takes the trouble out of using the server for what I want to do.

Can you help?


Thank you.

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Added on May 4 2020