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Migration path for us.

2660138Apr 23 2014


We are using MDEX 6.1.4 in production. This was the version released by Endeca (not Oracle Endeca).

We have a dash-boarding kind of application that uses the JAVA Endeca API with Endeca EQL/RRN and Analytics queries. We have guided navigation features in the application, and they work great with Endeca analytics being used to render charts and tables.

Now we are thinking of upgrading to the Oracle Endeca version and we are stumped. There are 2 paths available to us - Endeca Commerce Platform that allows us to keep the existing pipelines, and also allow us to use the Content Assembler API and Analytics API. The other product OEID is touted for BI type customers. We are a BI type customer - but we do all our BI type queries using Endeca Analytics API.

Can anyone tell us how to proceed? We also have OBIEE in-house - and are we better off biting the bullet and going with OEID and a major rewrite? Or should we go to Oracle Commerce and keep most of our Forge and other stuff?

Thanks and warm regards

Venkata Jagannath

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