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Migration of EPMA HFM application to 11.2

User_RUHNJFeb 8 2021 — edited Feb 8 2021

Hi All,
Since EPMA is not available anymore I was trying to make use of DRM to manage metadata in our HFM 11.2 app.
We are in process of migrating from to 11.2. following steps from Doc ID 2626317.1 .
Back in system we had HFM EPMA application.
I exported the metadata file using EPMA generator from, modified it manually and successfully imported it into DRM ( 11.2 environment).
Made minor changes in the dimension hierarchy and exported it in "Hierarchy - XML" format. Now I am trying to load the exported metadata file into HFM 11.2. I get below error
"The file being loaded was saved under an older schema.
The load file format is not recognizable"
I am not sure if I am missing any of the steps. Has anyone migrated from EPMA to 11.2 classic. If yes then what was the approach followed?