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Migration from SAP HR into Oracle HCM Cloud

abhigreenJun 17 2013

To avoid confusion, let me explicitly define the terms I am using

1. Current records - Active records (e.g. 'on-roll' employees, current job titles, current address etc.)

2. History records - Inactive records  (e.g.  ex-employees, previous job titles, previous addresses etc.)

At my current client, they need to migrate current data and 3 year of history. The data is to be migrated from extracts done out of SAP and into Oracle Fusion HCM. All data mapping etc will be done appropriately.

There are two options

1.       All data (history and current) migrated in one-go

2.     2.       History and current data migrated in staggered loads (i.e. not in one-go)

Is there any constraint on Oracle side that requires that ALL data has to happen in “one-go”. If so, what is the rationale behind this, and can you provide Oracle documentation/previous studies/project references that backs this rationale.

Thanks for your help


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Added on Jun 17 2013