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Migrating OEM Jobs to the new OEM Env

User_TJ9R2Mar 12 2020 — edited Mar 12 2020

We have many jobs in the jobs library and need to migrate the jobs to the new OEM. wondering what are the best ways to do it except manually?

1. Tried exporting the tables from this query. However the target tables already have some data. Did anyone try to import this data in the new OEM repository?

select table_name||',' from dba_tables

where owner = 'SYSMAN'

and table_name like upper('%mgmt%job%')

and table_name not like upper('%bcn%')

and table_name not like upper('%gensvc%');

2. Tried describing job but getting the following errors.

Doc ID 1637462.1 How to Move Jobs Between Two Different Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Systems

./emcli describe_job -name=" PURGE AUDIT FILES.1" -owner="CRON_USER"

Encountered the following unexpected error: oracle.sysman.emSDK.core.sec.credstore.EMCredentialException: User does not have VIEW_CREDENTIAL privilege on credential L_ORACLE owned by CRON_USER

Version - Enterprise ManagerCloud Control 13c

Anyone has faced the similar issue? I don't want to create them manually.

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Added on Mar 12 2020