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Migrate Oracle 12cR2 to 19c

I am currently working with Oracle 12c R2, for update reasons I have installed version 19c, check the documentation and it does not mention that these versions are incompatible, but on the contrary that it is possible to make a direct change from 12cR2 to 19c, so I have I dumped a schema of version 12cR2 and restored it to version 19c, this has given me problems, since the PKs have not been restored correctly, so: do you know of any changes that should be made to the export with dump so that in a higher version the objects are not restructured?
Testing queries, a query that runs successfully on version 12cR2, on version 19c returns the error: Ora-43915: Unable to determine collation: Arguments have conflicting collations. Why is this? If both instances have been generated with the same configuration parameters

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Added on Mar 30 2022