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MFA and 2FA bypass code

Diego DanielFeb 14 2024

Dear Team,

I'm currently utilizing the free tier of the Oracle. Regrettably, I lost my phone recently, and both Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and two-way authentication were set up on that device. With my new phone, I'm unable to log in as it's requesting a code. Moreover, I'm encountering difficulties in re-configuring the MFA and I'm unable to retrieve the Bypass Code.

Could you please aid me in setting up MFA and 2FA again or provide guidance on how to disable MFA?

I've attempted to clear the cache and retry, yet it's still ineffective. Upon trying to access the URL https://idcs-**********, it redirects me to the previous page.

I've reached out to the support team, but unfortunately, they were unable to offer assistance.

Thank you.

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Added on Feb 14 2024