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Merge and Insert 50 million Records into Dimension Table

Nemesis_777Apr 17 2014 — edited Apr 20 2014

Hi My Data warehouse system upload 50 milion Dimensional records every week and load intoa STG table in  database.Every week this data comes as a full dump with additional Dimension records.

2. The STG data is moved to a Dimensional Table by creating a Surrogate Key for each record.

Every week the STG Table is truncated and freshly loaded.

Every week the  Dimensional Table hence  gets some addtional  new values .

Since the Surrogate Keys created into Dim Table  previous week  needs to be maintained how can we insert the new rows from STG to Dim with high Performance

For this i plan to create a Merge statement on DIM Table using STG table. If not matched then INSERT into Dimension Table.

Could you Suggest the best approach in terms of performance?

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Added on Apr 17 2014