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Memory is'nt the same of profile

3900494Feb 27 2019 — edited Mar 29 2019

Hello everyone!

My environment is so young and  mounted by zero a few days ago. That physical machines are new.

6 OVS servers in cluster with HA and one pool managed   by OVM manager in INTEL processor Architecture

The same hardware between that nodes is something like that:

System Information

    Manufacturer: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

    Product Name: CH242 V3 DDR4

    Version: Brickland

    Serial Number: XXXXXX


    Wake-up Type: Power Switch

    SKU Number: UHSHSUYS

    Family: Type1Family


But I have a interesting situation here  let me tell you
On one virtual machine profile we can see 64GB RAM but in VM terminal I can see 128GB available then.


In another hand,  the same situation occurs in Windows too

That Windows VM is very unstable becouse this server  is rebooting frequently without any action...

Do you have any Idea about that issues?

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Added on Feb 27 2019
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