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Memberlist as a parameter in ICP Report

2823803Sep 19 2017 — edited Sep 20 2017

Does anybody use custom memberlists in ICP Reports HFM

My reports are Aborted 0% for custom Entity memberlists, while they work for system memberlists.

In an application without rules for HFM it works, for HFM it aborts. The same app and settings.

Docs for HFM say it works

so it's something I do wrong, but what... Maybe change of syntax or new restrictions for HFM

System messages log error:

The POV selected for this function is invalid.

Error Reference Number :{9040a650-80c3-4c0a-aeb8-dca3f739593a}
Num: 0x8004022C;Type: 1;DTime: 2017-09-19T13:49:14.495951+03:00;Svr: msk1-hfmapp01;File: c:\stm10371_build_view\hfm\source\xfmdatasourceroot\handlers\systemreports\CAsyncReportParams.h;Line: 246;Version:;

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