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Media Player not working properly while unplugging the 3.5mm jacks from Desktop

3182621Feb 23 2016 — edited Feb 24 2016

Hi everybody, I have an issue with the JavaFx media player when I am using desktop system (specifically desktop cause it's not generating any issues on laptop) with head phone / speaker i.e. when the 3.5mm audio jack is in use it's working fine but as soon as I unplug the ear phone while the media content is playing, the frames starts getting missed or start skipping. This problem is in desktop system only not in laptop, so please verify on Desktop only.

Steps to follow this issue:

  1. First plug Head phone
  2. Start play media file in javafx media player
  3. Unplug head phone
  4. Now frames are started to skip continue.

I have created a video of this issue, we can see this at google drive link:

Please help!

Thank you in anticipation!

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Added on Feb 23 2016