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Master-Master?!? relation

managed BEANApr 12 2018 — edited Apr 19 2018


Here i come again with a crazy/wild requirement .

I need to display a list inside a list to user in UI.

I have a service that returns a collection/list from DB (something like: select columnA, count(columnB) from table group by columnA) and inside it has another collection/list with all columnB data.

When i drag and drop the lists from DC into fragment/page it creates both iterators correct. If i use a SOC with partialtriger to nested iterator it works fine on 2nd SOC.

But i need to display everything. What i assume it´s happening (i just do not have the formal/documented explanation) is that the first iterator has a selectedRowKey, and the 2nd list displays the items for that child collection/list.

What i need is to 'undefine' that selectedRowKey (or some other thing).

I attach a simple app( where you can reproduce the issue i am facing.

First list has 3 items(some atributes and a list) and the nested list has from 1 to 3 items.

When you select an item from SOC the 2nd SOC is refreshed with new data (updated list) for that item (this is a typical master-detail), but if you see the iterators below it is also updating. I do not want that. I want first item showing it list, 2nd item showing it list and 3rd item showing it list simultaneously (everything), without the need for selectedRowKey(or whatever).

I don´t mind to have the solution directly from bindings/POJO, or any other way, or any other components.

Thanks for your time and help.



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