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Manager name LOV in hr schema

978172Aug 21 2013 — edited Aug 21 2013

dear all

im trying to get manager name as list of value to update the employee manager id.

ive add the Employee entity object with the EmpManagerFKAssoc.Employee association to the employee View and create a calculated field to get the manager first name and last name from the EmpManagerFKAssoc.Employee association and build list of value based on this calculated field .

every things goes fine when i open the list of value and choose the manager name the field manager id updated correctly but the field manager name which is based on the calculated field does not updated.

please note that when i open the employee view the manager name field filled normally but the problem is only when i choose employee from manager list of value

also note that i know this can be achieved by using custom popup or task flow opened as popup but i want to do it using standard business component LOV.

best regards

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