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Making changes of one transaction visible to another

WP v.2Mar 12 2014 — edited Feb 26 2020

Hi all,

In my BPEL project I created a DB Adapter to perform a merge operation. In the beginning of the BPEL process I invoke the db adapter whose merge will always insert a record and I need this change to be seen immediately, so I marked the partner link as being NOT idempotent, which to my understanding will commit the transaction. I tested this by putting a wait activity after the invocation and checked the database and sure enough the insert showed up. Later in my BPEL process I invoke the db adapter again but this time the merge SHOULD update the record that was previously inserted, however the db adapter treats it as another insert. Is this because the changes committed after the first invocation of the db adapter are not seen by the second invocation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm using JDeveloper and BPEL 2.0



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Added on Mar 12 2014
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