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Make an Invoice data entry page with Interactive Grid

Habib BysonJan 7 2017 — edited Jun 2 2017

Hi,i created a page in my application using interactive Grid in apex 5.1. the IG have 3 columns (QUANTITY, UNIT_PRICE, TOTAL), and a textbox name P1_GRAND_TOTAL.

i want to perform this calculation  on each row (  TOTAL= QUANTITY * UNIT_PRICE )  and get the sum of TOTAL columns in all the rows  into P1_GRAND_TOTAL textbox. The calculation should be fired,

only if i change the column value of  Quantity or Unit Price.

how can i archive this?

i try to use the solution in this tread,  to get total cloums sum updated, but i always get zero values after sum it up.


This post has been answered by Mahmoud_Rabie on Jan 9 2017
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