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MAF 2.6.5 patch 1 is released

Paul Johl-OracleNov 9 2020 — edited Jan 7 2022

Android 11 now supported.
Note: App Bundles (AAB) are not supported. Existing apps can be updated in Google Play but new apps will not be allowed.
Fixed Issues in 2.6.5 patch 1
All platforms: If authenticating against IDCS, MAF is now handling a new cookie format returned from IDCS for Android and iOS.
Please note that MAF (Mobile Applications Framework) products and support will be available through June 30, 2023. Until then, Oracle will continue to address service requests, provide fixes and security patches and update MAF so that it's supported on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Universal Windows Platform. After this date, Sustaining Support will continue to be available. However, any changes made by vendors and customers to their application stores may mean that applications developed using MAF will no longer be able to be posted or function as intended.
Customers requiring a development platform for modern web and mobile apps are encouraged to evaluate Oracle Visual Builder:

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Added on Nov 9 2020