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Lost format trigger during migration from 6i to 12c

fehersNov 30 2022

I have couple of reports which have buttons on them because of drill down function. Hence buttons are desupported since 9i and keeping one codebase is a must in our case I need some workaround. This would be using format trigger to set a link on the text field which used to be a button in 6i. (After migration buttons get transformed simple text fields with no PL/SQL trigger.)
For POC I created an empty report with a single button, put a format trigger on it. (See attached zip) Then opened it in 12c Report Builder.
My experience is however format trigger seems to be get converted (I see it under program units) if I open property palette and click format trigger it creates a new empty one.
I'm wondering if there is any solution for it.
TIA, Sandor (13.38 KB)

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Added on Nov 30 2022