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Losing pagination when refresh list (master-detail)

User_GZJT2Sep 7 2022 — edited Sep 7 2022

Hello all,
I have a master-detail pages and when I update a record in the detail page when the list is refreshed the current pagination is lost.
For example, I am situated in a second page of the master and I update one record (Detail-dialog). When I 'Apply Changes' the list is refreshed. But I lose the current pagination and the records displayed are the records of the first page.

Here I am in the second page -> click in one record -> update the record:
1 - lista - master - second page.PNG2 - detail - publicación.PNG3 - detail - modificación publicación.PNG4 - lista - master - after update.PNGWe lost the current pagination!

In Master (list page) I have a dynamic action that refresh the list
5- Configuration of master.PNG5- Configuration of master2.PNG
And in the Detail page I have a process that close the dialog
Configuration Detail.PNG
I only have this. There is not branches to redirect.

Could you help me please

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Added on Sep 7 2022