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Logs and log locations when installing EMC13.x

LauryJun 5 2020 — edited Jun 5 2020


When installing EMC13.x there are various logs and log location to consider.

The GUI seems to point to different logs depending of the step involved.

ORACLE_HOME is the Oracle Home of OMS to be installed.

I have identified few locations:

a) <ORACLE_HOME>/cfgtoollogs/cfgfw

also under <ORACLE_HOME>/cfgtoollogs there are various sub-directories for logs:


total 16

drwx------. 2 oracle oinstall 4096 Jun  3 18:25 cfgfw

drwxr-x---. 2 oracle oinstall 4096 Jun  3 18:25 opatch

drwxr-xr-x. 2 oracle oinstall 4096 Jun  3 18:26 oui

drwxr-x---. 3 oracle oinstall 4096 Jun  3 18:25 pluginca


What is the meaning of each of these sub-directories?

b) oraInventory/logs/InstallActionsYYYY-DD-MM_HH-MI-SSAM(PM)/installActions<timestamp>.log

c) <ORACLE_HOME>/cfgtoollogs/oui/installActions<timestamp>.log

d) /tmp/OraInstallYYYY-DD-MM-HH-MI-AM(PM)/nextgenYYYY-DD-MM_HH-MI-SSAM(PM).log

Can someone expain me if these are all the log locations needed to follow the installation of EMC13.x?

Can someone explain me what is the use and meaning of all these sub-dirextories for logs?

From which log should I monitor the installation?

Following only (as I thought) /tmp/OraInstallYYYY-DD-MM-HH-MI-AM(PM)/nextgenYYYY-DD-MM_HH-MI-SSAM(PM).log is not enough.

Thanks by advance for sharing your experience.

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Added on Jun 5 2020