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Log flusher continues to encounter error

User_LJPZMMay 26 2016 — edited May 26 2016

today my TT DB replication Process down and Transaction log has not been updated.I see the tterrors log,find following information :

2016-05-26 08:17:17.56 Err :    : 3146232: 4260078/110d368f0: Log flusher continues to encounter error 894: TT0894: Cannot write log file 2516.  OS-detected error: Missing file or filesystem -- file "logflusher.c", lineno 3511, procedure "sbLogBufBlksWriteReserve" (this is report 29; first report was at Thu May 26 04:10:37 2016).  fslsn = 2516.103792640, disklsn = 2516.103792640, ckptInfo.existLFN = 2516, newestlfn = 2516.

Last through ramunload and ramload solve the question.I check my file system is ok and i do not update the log by hand,just mount the file system,I think should not occur this question . is a BUG?    in addition, i want know why ramunload and ramload can solve this question .

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