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Locked out of Free Tier oracle cloud account, have no MFA.

Alex PedcenkoApr 2 2024 — edited Apr 2 2024


I have working password to my free tier Oracle cloud account, but no MFA (changed phone since did not login for long to Oracle cloud) and no backup codes. Now my instances for some reason terminated and I need to restart or recover them.

My cloud account was setup long time ago (2019) and the credit card, which was initially associated with the account has long expired (I still believe I know the credit card number though from old bank statements). Tried to resolve via Chat, however could not pass Credit Card expiry date check (card has obviously been destroyed long time ago and the bank obviously don't put expiry dates on the credit card statements) and Chat advisor sent me here, saying that an engineer here would be able to login to my account. Is there any way of resetting MFA please?

Thank you

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Added on Apr 2 2024