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Locked out of Free Tier Account - Support sent me here

J LevyJan 17 2024

To be brief, I never enabled mfa on my account and now i am locked out,i did a live chat with somebody today and there solution did not work so they told I'd have to come here for answers. I will post some of the transcript of the live chat below, so the url they asked to browse too simply required me to enter username and password ehcih i did but it still asked for a bypass code, something i dont have as i never set one up, do actual oracle employees dwell on this forum? or how can they help that support couldnt

it is a OCI free tier

Thank you for providing information, Please hold while I check
sorry [redacted] is tenacy

[part of url redacted]

3. In this new URL, you will login with your username and password. 4. On this page, you will check options if you can disable MFA, or GENERATE a bypass code, to login successfully.
Please browse above URL in incognito mode Chrome browser only without vpn

pk hold on
it is still asking for a passcode
it says Enter the passcode that is generated by the authenticator app on [redacted] Phone-1

"I appreciate your efforts in trying the suggested workaround, and I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. It appears that the issue persists even after following those steps.
Alright, It seems like we need sometime to check this and so I request you to reach out to our forum support, one of our support engineer will work with concerned team internally and fix this issue/query since chat support does not have the access to customer's cloud environment which are in their free tier account to work on this issue. Please try the link below Please note: You will have to create your account in Forum to post your query.
ok can you email me a transcript of this chat please?

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Added on Jan 17 2024