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Location Specific Security Roles

Jeo123Apr 19 2017 — edited Apr 20 2017

In FDM Standard edition, there was functionality in place to allow assigning Intermediate Security Levels to a suer for a sepecific location.  As an example, our I8 users could make map changes, while I9 users could not.  Using this functionality, we could allow them to make map changes on certain locations, while blocking map changes for centrally managed maps.

In FDMEE PSE's as of this post have been applied) it seems this functionality does not exist.  Can anyone else confirm this, or is there something special that needs to be done to grant I8 for one location and I9 to another?

Currently using the Location Security groups results in the user having Intermediate 8 level permission for both locations which lets them change the maps managed by corporate.

This post has been answered by Francisco Amores on Apr 20 2017
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