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Java SE (Java Platform, Standard Edition)


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Localized Accelorator Keys

843806Feb 7 2008 — edited Feb 20 2008
Hi folks,
I have a problem with localization and accelerator keys. I am developing a localized Swing GUI where a user can set his preffered Locale and then all texts are translated.... That's all no prob. The problem is, that in JMenus the accelerator keys for items are displayed not according to the set default locale (e.g., en-US) but are displayed according to the OS user.language (in my case de [German]). Hence, the accel. keys read, e.g., '*Strg-N*' instead of '*Ctrl-N*' as expected for default locale en.

This is just a display problem, the functionality / the keys work fine, of course.

I guess my prob is (somehow) related to the When invoking, e.g.,
(which I assume is called for JMenuItems to display the acc keys) I get the modifier key as string in German. These properties are loaded on startup? according to the OS user language. If i change my user language (e.g., with the jvm switch
) everything is fine. When changing this system property inside Java Code (e.g. in my main-method) the are already loaded (somehow) with the OS user.language. Hence, this option doesn't work.

Has anybody an idea / workaround how I get these modifier keys displayed localized. Is there perhaps a way to change the awt-property on runtime or, at least, to set the values of these properties, e.g. AWT.control?

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