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Loading XML data in OAD with Database Actions

Earl LewisMay 24 2023 — edited May 31 2023

I'm dipping toes into the waters of the Oracle Autonomous Database, just so an old guy doesn't get completely left behind all the cool kids. I've provisioned a transaction processing instance and I'm all good getting DA launched. I've used the “Data Load” button to upload an XML file and while there seems to be little control over how the data gets loaded it does load a single row with a CLOB column and all the XML is in that single row CLOB column.

The reason I mention that there seems to be “little control” over the data loading is that although the data in the text file I'm loading is clearly tagged and well formed XML (including namespace, etc) the CLOB seems to have a single XML tag followed by what appears to be JSON data for all of the rows of data.

Is this typical/expected behavior when loading XML data via DA in the Autonomous Database? And if this is the normal mode of loading XML then it seems like it might be reasonable to remove the outer XML wrapping tags from the CLOB and I'll (maybe?) just be left with JSON data? help…

Oh, one more thing. It doesn't look like XMLTYPE is a column type that's available for defining/modifying columns via the GUI with DA. So either I'm doing something that's making it not appear in the column type dropdown list or it's just not there. Would it help my cause at all to create the table via DDL script and then load data into the predefined table?

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Added on May 24 2023