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Load of EBS Supply Chain data deletes data for General Ledger

Petr_Mlejnek-OracleOct 22 2009 — edited Oct 23 2009
we are trying to load data from EBS 11.5.10 to BIAPPS 7.9.6. We have loaded data to Financials Subject Areas (Budget, Financials - COGS, Financials - General Ledger, Financials - Payables, Financials - Receivables) using pre-defined execution plan Financials_Oracle 11.5.10 and data has been successfuly loaded and shown on dashboards.
Later we have loaded data into Supply Chain Subject Areas (Employee Expenses, Financials - Payables, Supply Chain - AP Invoices, Supply Chain - Purchase Cycle Lines, Supply Chain - Purchase Order, Purchase Receipt, Purchase Requisitions) using pre-defined execution plan Procurement and Spend: Oracle 11.5.10. After this load data are visible on Procurement and Spend dashboards but previously loaded data on Financials - General Ledger dashboards are missing.

So we have loaded data to Financials again which brought Financials data back to dashboards but data for Procurement and spend disappeared.

We have also trying to load all data using Complete Oracle 11.5.10 execution plan. After this load most of the dashboards for Financials and Procurement and spend are empty.

And finally we have created our own execution plans for Financials, Supply Chain and both and tried the same scenario. The results are the same. It seems to me that load of Financials data deletes Supply Chain data and vice versa.

Can somebody advice how to load data for Financials and Supply Chain together?
Thanks a lot, Petr

Edited by: user793851 on Oct 23, 2009 11:02 AM

I have to add new info: the all data are back and visible after the night. We didn't perform any actions. Does anybody know about some settings which can cause such behaviour?
Many thanks,
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