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load failed - volume is not mounted (OB device mgr)

3777010Mar 18 2019 — edited Mar 27 2019

Hi gurus,

I have installed simple OSB environment and try to perform RMAN backup test, however I got following error in job transcript:




2019/03/18.15:15:56 (amh) 1 load failed - volume is not mounted (OB device mgr)

2019/03/18.15:15:56 (ulg) 1,(lm_amh) received resume flag. automount state pass - 3, last_se = 1 mix_media_pass = 1, mixmedia_loop = 1, release elnum = 1

2019/03/18.15:15:56 (ulg) 1,(lm_amh) beginning pass 3, mediainfo pass 1 at 2019/03/18.15:15:192019/03/18.15:15:192019/03/18.15:15:192019/0

2019/03/18.15:15:56 (amh) qlm__select_volume returned se state for vid = last_se = 0




When try to mount the device manually:

ob> mountdev -w exabkp04_tape_1

Error: can't mount volume in exabkp04_tape_1 - device offline

Here is my lsvol:

ob> lsvol -L exabkp04_lib_1

Inventory of library exabkp04_lib_1:

    in    1:             unlabeled, mediainfo hw encryptable

    in    2:             unlabeled, mediainfo hw encryptable

    in    3:             mediainfo hw encryptable

    in    4:             occupied

    in    5:             occupied

ob> lsd

library             exabkp04_lib_1   in service

  drive 1           exabkp04_tape_1  in service

  drive 2           exabkp04_tape_2  in service

Client can access to admin server via obtool, library has been verified using "vfylibs -a -v" and no issue found.

Besides when I try to mount the volume

Any ideas are highly appreciated. Thanks.



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Added on Mar 18 2019
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