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Load datacontrol data on taskflow method call

abdielApr 24 2018 — edited Apr 25 2018

I'm using Jdeveloper and ADF as UI for Oracle BPM.

The use case is that I need to show read only data in a region view, as a result of a SOAP web service call. The web service operation call need an String id as a parameter, passed to the region as a parameter, and saved in a manage bean. After the web service call, I must set the binding layer with values, or maybe call a loadData(String id) method in the datacontrol used in the view.

The question is where to execute the web service call?, since in the constructor of the manage bean the parameters passed to the region are still null, and if I use a default activity in the taskflow with a method call, the parameter value has it's value, but there is no access to the binding layer since the view is not loaded yet. Is there any way of load the datacontrol data without using the binding layer from a taskflow method call? or is there a better approach.

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