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Load a File from resource in Servlet - Webcenter Portal

Jack IssacApr 6 2019 — edited Apr 11 2019


I am using JDev and working on Webcenter Portal is (Bundle Patch

I am developing adf applications for wc portal in portal extension project. There are servlet and xslt file and xslt is using in servlet class with getServletContext().getResourceAsStream("resource/util/xslt/XSLT001.xslt");

there is no problem in testing, my test page is working on integrated weblogic and file is loading.

Also file is XSLT001.xslt and in PortalExtensionProject/public_html/resource/util/xslt/

But when I develop it as a shared library with PortalSharedLibrary project; file is not loading / not finding by servlet class


When we develop as a shared library extension project to webcenter portal; is resource path or something like this changing on webcenter portal for access to extension project's resources folder under public_html?

How can access this resource folder in public_html?

Is it wrong approach with getServletContext().getResourceAsStream() for access a file from servlet class in webcenter portal? How I must use it for access?

Or what is right approach for store xslt file in extension project and access it in webcenter portal ?

If you can help, I would appreciate.



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Added on Apr 6 2019