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Live migration - always errors (OVMAPI_6000E Internal Error:) - but (seems to) works

User_S1173Apr 30 2019 — edited May 3 2019

Every time I do a live migration I get the following type of error (ips have been removed in the error..)   - this happens on all server pools.

However the migration does appear to work.

Can anyone explain how to prevent this error - i.e is it related to firewall rules, etc?

Or explain how to troubleshoot this ?


OVMAPI_6000E Internal Error: OVMAPI_5001E Job: 1556614562519/Migrate VM: NG2-VDB-EuropeSTB to Server: ng2-orcvms-stbdb2/Migrate VM: NG2-VDB-EuropeSTB to Server: ng2-orcvms-stbdb2, failed. Job Failure Event: 1556614648039/Server Async Command Failed/OVMEVT_00C014D_001 Async command failed on server: ng2-orcvms-stbdb1. Object: NG2-VDB-EuropeSTB, PID: 31862, Server error: Command: ['xm', 'migrate', '--live', '0004fb0000060000545f81194fd9ca4f', ''] failed (1): stderr: Error: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'has_key' stdout: Usage: xm migrate <Domain> <Host> Migrate a domain to another machine. Options: -h, --help Print this help. -l, --live Use live migration. -p=portnum, --port=portnum Use specified port for migration. -n=nodenum, --node=nodenum Use specified NUMA node on target. -s, --ssl Use ssl connection for migration. -c, --change_home_server Change home server for managed domains. --vmfiles="src:dst,src:dst,..." Files for use with storage migration utility , on server: ng2-orcvms-stbdb1, associated with object: 0004fb0000060000545f81194fd9ca4f [Tue Apr 30 09:57:28 BST 2019]

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Added on Apr 30 2019
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