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Listener configuration: how to bind an instance to a specific port?

Leandro LimaDec 8 2023

Hello folks.

So, I have many instances in a server and need to expose only one them. Can't simply expose the default 1521 port because all the instances on the server would be visible, so I need this one single instance to have it's own dedicated port exposed.

Did some search but did not find a satisfatory answer. To date the most “reliable” I found is that this is not possible; the listener do not bind instances to ports, every instance registered on it share the same opened ports. To achieve what I'm looking for I would have to create a second exclusive listener for this specific instance and port.

Is this true? There's no way to bind an instance to a port in the listener?

And if I have to create a new listener, how would I do it in a GRID environment? The GRID would automatically find/manager this new listener?

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Added on Dec 8 2023