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Links not working in SGD 5.4 client running in Firefox 38

user1155380Jun 18 2018 — edited Jun 24 2018

I am trying to get a trial version of Oracle SGD 5.4 installed and working on a 64-bit RHEL7.2 system.

The server and client rpm appear to have installed with no issues. However I cannot get the Administration Console or the sample xterm or xclock to pop up.

For Oracle SGD 5.4, the supported version of Firefox is Mozilla Firefox 52 ESR, 59.

We are have Firefox 38.3.30 installed.  I was hoping to get it to work with the older version of Firefox because other apps we have running use this version.

Has anyone had any luck with using a version of Firefox other than the one listed as supported (52 ESR, 59)?

This post has been answered by Jan-Oracle on Jun 19 2018
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