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Link to same page with values from selection lists

Phil7GAug 25 2021


I'm trying to build up a link that includes three values from the choices of selection lists. It should point to the same page and reload it (page 11) while transferring the said values. By this, a chart is loaded which gets its data via pl sql query which is completed with the variables from the link. This works when having the link pointing to page 11 on another page (page 3). The values here are coming from an interactive report and the link ist generated via link builder. When trying to reload the same page, it doesn't get the values from the choices of the selection lists. I guess it reads the values when the page is loaded and not dynamically, therefore they always stay empty. Is there a solution for this (perhaps via using java script)?

This post has been answered by Phil7G on Sep 14 2021
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Added on Aug 25 2021