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Link target open is second tab on Classic report- media list template

Chandler BingApr 17 2024

Hi All,

I using apex 22.1, I created on classic report with media list template using below sql query on that report and in that query i defined that target should be _self so that mean page should be open in same tab but it's not on first click, after the first click when its open in new second tab then i click again from the second tab on report it's works fine and open in same tab.

i didn't understand that behaviors why is that? can someone please explain or any solution for that?

  project list_title,
  apex_util.get_since(updated) list_text,
  ' ' list_class,
 'f?p=&APP_ID.:99:&SESSION.::&DEBUG.:99:P99_ID:78'as link, 
  'target="_self"' link_attr,
  null icon_color_class,
  'fa fa-cloud' icon_class
from eba_UT_chart_projects
order by updated desc

FYI - that report open in drawer model page and i call that page from navigation bar button

This post has been answered by jariola on Apr 17 2024
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Added on Apr 17 2024