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Link Attribute Is Not Available

CometJun 3 2020 — edited Jun 3 2020

I created an APEX application in APEX 5.1.2.  I created a page (12) with and interactive report and one of the columns in the report is a link to an URL.  The link text property is #WORKORDER# and the Link Attributes  is target="_blank".  The Link Attribute value ensures that the page is opened in a new tab and everything works fine.

I created another page (20) in the same application with an interactive report.  This report has a column defined as a link to a URL which I want to open in a new tab.  The column IMG_URL is defined as a link and the link text is link text is #IMG_URL# but the Link Attributes property does not exist.  Why is this attribute not available in this page with an interactive report?  It’s in the same application as page 12.  Is there a property I need to set in the interactive report definition or the page or Is there another way to make the link page open in a new tab?

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Added on Jun 3 2020
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