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"Leave this page" pop-up msg when navigating within application - how to remove/avoid?

3466148May 22 2017 — edited May 22 2017


I have an APEX application where I can edit a record by navigating to the term form (which shows a single term record).

There are 2 ways I can navigate to this term edit form:

1 - click on the term tab, which lists an interactive grid of all terms and then click on a specific term to open the record within the term edit form.

2 - from the home page, there is a quick search option which populates an interactive grid. You can select a specific term record within the grid and this opens the record in the term edit form.

The 1st option, selecting a specific term record opens up in the term edit form seamlessly with no pop up msg.

However, the 2nd option, when you click on a record to navigate to the term edit form, you get a pop-up msg asking whether you want to leave the page or stay on the page. Clicking on leave page takes you to the term edit form correctly.

I understand that the leave page msg is a browser functionality rather than an APEX issue but my question is why is the navigation brining this msg up for one method of editing a record when it doesn't bring this up for another method of opening the same edit form?

I would like to avoid the message completely. There are no edits or updates occurring on the home page when I try to navigate to the edit form.

The method of navigating to the edit form from the home page is to use the 'link to page within application' option within the interactive grid and pass the record ID.

Is there any way I can modify the navigation ton the edit form so that I don't get the leave page msg appear?

Thanks in advance.


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