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ld: fatal: symbol referencing errors

JustHowardNov 2 2016


I'm working with Solaris Studio 12.4 and have recently encountered a problem when compiling and linking.  My code is going after some ldap entries on a Microsoft Windows Server, but when I attempt to compile the code, I am getting a variety of errors about Undefined symbol and all of those entries are items that are in the <ldap.h> include library.  (and yes, I have the #include <ldap.h> entry in my code.)

I've tried to adjust the compile options in the properties panel of SolarisStudio, but I'm not getting anywhere with that.

this is on a Solaris M6 system, 64-bit running Solaris 11.2 with Solaris Studio 12.4

Can someone please enlighten me?

Thanks for your help and responses,


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