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lb generate-apex-object - No such file or directory

Peter OcelkaMar 4 2024

Prior SQLcl 23.4 I was using the following commands to export apex application:

--export in split format
apex export -applicationid ${app} -dir ${PROJECT_DIR}/database/apex -skipExportDate -expPubReports -expSavedReports -expTranslations -split

--export in full format
apex export -applicationid ${app} -dir ${PROJECT_DIR}/database/apex -skipExportDate -expPubReports -expSavedReports -expTranslations

With 23.4 it no longer produces apex_install.xml. So I switched to:

--export in split format
lb generate-apex-object -applicationid ${app} -dir ${PROJECT_DIR}/database/apex -expsavedreports -exppubreports -exptranslations -split

--export in full format
lb generate-apex-object -applicationid ${app} -dir ${PROJECT_DIR}/database/apex -expsavedreports -exppubreports -exptranslations

I'm now facing an issue that when these 2 commands are executed in succession and the output is in the same directory; 2nd lb command throws at the end: “No such file or directory”. After some testing / error / try approach I found out that if any of the files apex_install.xml or f[n].sql exists in the output directory it throws this error and doesn't replace the files.

Is this a bug?

Is there some parameter which I could use to replace the files?

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Added on Mar 4 2024
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