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LastUpdateDate will be updated in the base table IF any of the rows gets updated in other Tables

User_1646HSep 15 2022

We have a Base Table A (including basic information) with a Primary key StudentID.
We have 6 more tables (B to G to save students Academic information and other data), all have the same key field StudentID in it. As per the diagram attached, we want to implement LastUpdateDate field to be updated in the Base Table A IF there is any updates in the subsequent Tables (B to G) happened.
Means, we need to check all the tables (B to G), if there is any rows update then it will update the LastUpdateDate field to the sysdate in base table A.
All Tables has already a lot of data in it more than 150,000 rows.
If someone can guide how to implement this

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Added on Sep 15 2022